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RV Insurance

RV Insurance

RV Insurance for the California Traveler

Recreational vehicle’s offer exceptional comfort while traveling, camping, or on holiday. To fully enjoy the services of your RV, you need RV insurance. RV insurance protects you and your RV if you are involved in an accident. We, at Hathaway Insurance Services in California, offer RV insurance to those looking to protect their vehicle from liability, damages, theft, and much more. We are known as an independent insurance agency with excellent rapport with many insurance carriers giving our clients a variety of options. A standard RV insurance policy has the following coverage options.

  • Liability coverage: This coverage protects you if you are responsible for an accident. It will pay for the property you might damage, and medical bills related to bodily injury you might cause to someone while using your recreational vehicle. It also pays for lost earnings and compensation for the suffering caused by the injuries.
  • Comprehensive coverage: If your RV is damaged, this coverage will pay for the cost of repairs or replacing your RV. It does not cover damage caused by a collision.
  • Collision coverage: Pays for damages caused by a collision or accident that you are at fault for causing to your own vehicle. It might be a collision with another car, pole, building, or any other structure.
  • Towing and roadside coverage: This coverage helps you when you face a mechanical problem with your RV and need assistance.
  • Personal belongings coverage: Pays for the cost of replacing your personal belongings if they are stolen while you are using your RV.

While the above are the most common coverages, others include but are not limited to, total loss replacement coverage, campsite and vacation coverage, uninsured and underinsured motorist’s coverages, and emergency expenses.

Like auto insurance, every state requires you to have a minimum amount of RV insurance. The type of RV insurance you need will depend on the type of your RV and how and when you use it. If you are in California, call or email us at Hathaway Insurance Services to get an RV insurance policy that will protect your time on the road.