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Life Insurance

Life Insurance

Are you looking for life insurance in California?

Life coverage involves making premium payments to an insurance firm to offer death benefit to beneficiaries in case you die. At Hathaway Insurance Services, we provide various life insurance policies.

Permanent Life Insurance

Consider the following permanent life insurance policies if you need coverage which lasts for a lifetime.

  • Whole life insurance: Usually, whole life has relatively high premium payments compared to term life. The insurance premiums are fixed, and they have a cash value that acts as savings but exempted from tax. Also, the savings accumulate over time. You can use whole life insurance to preserve property you intend to transfer to beneficiaries. Also, you can use additional credit to purchase extra life insurance or settle outstanding loans.
  • Universal life insurance: We offer flexible policies that allow you to adjust your premiums payments and coverage amounts in your lifetime. Universal life coverage has high premium payments as it provides lifetime protection.

Many insurance holders use it to preserve their wealth. Alternatively, you can use it as a long-term income source to meet your needs after you retire. Some universal life coverage product designs offer accumulating cash value and death benefit protection while others only provide death benefit protection. You can quickly adjust your insurance plan by speaking with an agent.

  • Variable universal life insurance: It is suitable for entrepreneurs and people who want to invest their cash value. However, you can use it to meet life needs after you retire.

Term Life Insurance

Our term life policy offers financial coverage for a particular duration such as 20 years. We offer fixed premium payments throughout your coverage period after which we provide continued coverage at higher premium rates.

Generally, term life insurance is more affordable than permanent life coverage. You can use it to recover lost income during your working years. It helps in meeting your financial goals.

Are you interested in life insurance? Hathaway Insurance Services offers reliable insurance policies to residents all around the state. Visit our California office for a free consultation.