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Commercial Insurance

Commercial Insurance

California is an ideal destination for many entrepreneurs thanks to a strong business market and an exciting entrepreneurial spirit. Regardless of what business you’re running or planning to start, managing risks can be the difference between thriving and failing.

Fortunately, Hathaway Insurance Services offers a wide variety of commercial insurance to keep your business safe and growing.

Hathaway commercial Insurance coverages

Commercial General Liability

Commercial general liability coverage is essential since it protects you from a lawsuit in case of damages caused to other people’s properties and injuries. For instance, if a client is injured on your premises or their property is damaged.

Worker’s Compensation

Like most states, California requires every business with one or more employees to have a worker’s compensation policy. The policy is crucial since it safeguards your employee’s welfare. For example, in case of injuries in the line of duty, the coverage meets their medication costs.

Errors and Omissions (E & O)

In business, sometimes mistakes do happen as a result of negligence, mishaps, and failure to perform as expected. Some clients can move to court seeking compensation. Without a suitable policy, your business can fall apart. However, an errors and omission policy, also known as professional liability, comes in handy for this situation.

Product liability

If you’re in the manufacturing industry, product liability is crucial. Although you may be sure of producing quality products, a single lawsuit can bring down your business. Your product can cause damages and unexpectedly put you in an awkward position.

Property Insurance

Property insurance is beneficial to every business, whether renting or leasing. This coverage also protects equipment, furniture, and inventory in case perils such as fire, theft, and storms strike your business premises.

Business Interruption Policy

In the event of a catastrophic occurrence that stops your business from operating, you are bound to lose income. With a business interruption policy, you won’t have to lose income as it compensates you for lost income during such unfortunate times.

We understand that every business is unique and requires customization of policies. Whenever you are in need of insurance in California, call or email Hathaway Insurance Services. Our agents can help you get a quote and answer any questions you may have.