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Classic Car Insurance

Classic Car Insurance

Most classic car lovers know that buying a vintage car can make for a huge investment. These cars are not only a passion but also a source of pride and joy. This is why you should find the right policy to help you protect your investment. Classic car insurance can give you the protection you need as well as allow you the peace of mind you desire when driving your car on the road.

What is classic car insurance?

This is an insurance policy that is designed to offer protection against theft and damage for your classic car. While there is a debate about what cars qualify as a classic, Hathaway Insurance Services describes a classic car as one that is older than 25 years and meets certain requirements. In case you are not sure if your vehicle can be protected under this coverage, apply for a quote on our website and reach out to one of our agents.

Difference between a classic car and regular auto insurance

While conventional vehicles will depreciate with time, classic cars will generally appreciate. Since there is a good chance you will not be using the car regularly or to cover long distances, the antique car will be insured for much less in comparison to a regular auto policy. Most classic car owners in California take good care of their cars, making it easy for them to take advantage of programs such as Agreed Value Coverage, flexible usage, and inflation guard.

Additional coverage options

We also offer you tailored solutions to meet your unique needs. Such a policy will include breakdown coverage, modifications, limited mileage policies, rallies, coverage for show displays, and much more. We take pride in the fact that we can arrange insurance for a range of vintage vehicles.

If you own a classic car in California, Hathaway Insurance Services will help you get the right policy for your vehicle. Kindly reach out to our agents for a classic car insurance quote and visit our offices to discuss a new policy. Our friendly staff will be happy to be of service.